Corporate strategic advisory  

Acceleration and advisory services for startups and entrepreneurs 

OUR services

Astelion has guided universities in crafting strategies to become successful innovation hubs; create innovation ecosystems, as needed: to build technology transfer centers, incubators, accelerators and university venture funds to leverage innovation into new revenue streams.

Our services include:

  • Definition of strengths, potential opportunities, and objectives.
  • Position mapping with other universities
  • Assistance in building strategic partnerships with government and international funding institutions and relevant corporations, investors and startups.Analysis and strategy building to achieve defined goals

The Astelion team works through a global network of selected business partners, industry specialists and alliances to provide clients with the world-class business services they need. Astelion has a strategic relationship with Ernst & Young and cooperates in several joint initiatives and projects. 

Government consulting

OUR aim  is  to guide clients on realizing their business objectives

University innovation ecosystem enhancement

services for Investors

Lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other service providers often need new clients, access to new geographical markets and opportunities, and complimentary services for existing clients.

Astelion works with service providers around the world to fill these needs and channel clients to reliable partners. 


Global Business Coverage​​

Assistance in investment vehicle development is something Astelion has done for many family offices, corporations, and investment groups/angles this service also includes our customized training sessions. Our services include:

  • Assistance in investment vehicle development and training.
  • Building of tailored methodologies, strategies and models to meet investment goals.
  • Assistance in building deal flow seeing the process through to signing as well as providing guidance through the due diligence process. 

Astelion has assisted many national and regional governments looking to grow innovation and global cooperation within their economies in achieving new heights. Astelion has developed the following service package for governments:

  • Analysis of the existing ecosystem paired with a SWOT analysis.
  • Comparison with relevant success stories around the world and definition of the highest impact strategies and growth opportunities tailored to the specific client.
  • Training sessions for staff, preparation of relevant materials, and assist in the implementation of the agreed program. 

for Service providers 

Astelion has provided strategic consulting to many corporations on market penetration strategy, corporate venturing strategy, investments, M&A, and business development in new markets. Services include:

  • Assistance in building and implementing corporate venturing strategies as well as other instruments as part of our “open innovation” model.
  • Identification and analyze of appropriate strategic investment opportunities as well as strategic partnership formation.
  • Training of staff on incorporating innovation and new technologies including topics related to corporate venturing strategy, corporate VC fund, incubator, accelerator and “open innovation approach”.

Astelion has guided over 100 startups through all phases of the startup evolution, from idea formation, building a core team and advisory boards, product and business development, raising capital, market penetration, growth and exit strategies. Astelion International Acceleration Program has a successful track record and systematic approach in training and hands-on support.

Astelion, in cooperation with global strategic partners, offers various formats of acceleration and advisory services to meet startup needs:

  • Acceleration program for startups in preparation for new funding rounds with global investors.
  • Acceleration program for startups in preparation for market penetration, business development, and global sales.
  • Tailored guidance for all stages of the startup evolution.
  • Thematic courses and master-classes on selected topics.